Woman who shot her shot at a man last June marries him only months after


A Twitter user identified as Karanu, who went shooting her shot at a man on the platform last June is now married to him.

In June 2020, she took to the micro-blogging platform to reveal she went out of her way to get her crush’s attention and told him about her feelings for him.

At the time, she tweeted, “I just shot my shot. SO HELP ME GOD!!!”

In few months, her shot apparently hit its target, and has now walked down the aisle with him.

Karanu who now has a “MRS” to her name, quoted her tweet from June 2020, as she updated her fans that she’s now married to the man she shot her shot at last year.

She shared a photo from their wedding and wrote, “We’re married now”.

Congratulations have been rolling in, in their numbers as her followers commended her for going after what she really wants.

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