Every user/member (premium or free) has always a rule, terms/conditions and regulations guiding them on permpus.com, which you must always follow and understand…..

The concise regulations are listed below… Note that you will always be notified if incase there’s any changes in them!

We are to be able to change some/any vital lines of  our terms, conditions and regulations if it’s not anymore meeting up with the vision, mission and goals of these company

1.Do not click on advertisement  displayed on our website all round, without having interest in them (the adverts). It’s very important as penalty for doing this is account banned and been held unable to withdraw/receive your W-PI

2. Do not copy & paste contents in anyway, even in comments don’t try to re-write some else comments/posts contents as comments

3. Don’t write an information/articles or porn graphically related contents and or such a content that will mislead, or advertise/promote a content (products, programs or violence word) to any member!

4. Doing comments and Viral share is very important and completely compulsory on permpus.com — Part of what we check when verifying your account in order to get W-PIN is your FACEBOOK etc






10. We’ll inform you as soon as possible if there’s any other changes on thes

Therefore penalties for All offensive act are: [1] Been held unable to Cashout/receive your W-PIN on time, [2] Might lead/result in removal of the particular content if not much and W-PIN will be sent, [3] Might cause a particular user earnings wiped or getting the account deleted totally and then user will have to start over with a new account with the previously owned membership status!

NB: Abiding to this rules and guidelines are very important to follow, as we don’t spare anyone no matter what! We believe in earning is sure if you work well with us!